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Christians have many moments that are part of our shared experience. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and saviour, baptisms/christenings and experiencing God in worship, are all moments we have in common. We are connected not only by our beliefs but by the experiences we have because of those beliefs.

From the 27th July to the 1st August, Christian Jobs attended the Naturally Supernatural event being held at the Stafford Showground. We arrived on the Saturday morning, battled through the heavy rain to set up our stand in the famous Toolshed alongside a number of other Christian organisations looking to meet with as many people as possible. With an estimated 4,000 to 4,500 attendees it was clear to us right from the start that it was going to be a very busy few days.

Its been a long time since I've experienced the "back to school" feeling. Though this is true, I have found that every September has a fresh start feeling about it. Even when I've worked through the whole summer without a holiday every September's the same. I begin to review the last eight months, dust myself off and prepare to finish the year strong, and I know I'm not the only one.

I love New Years. I gear up for it by creating vision boards, thinking of "words for the year" and seeking Gods voice on what I have to look forward to and prepare for. The whole New Year process really excites me! New Year provides us with a renewed sense of focus and excitement in the possibilities. It feels like the moments before the curtains open at the theatre. The overture is playing and setting a scene that has not yet been experienced, but you know it's about to be. Hope levels are so high at that time of year but then the inevitable happens.

Earlier this year Jonathan Bellamy from Cross Rhythms spoke with managing partner, James Everall. Here is that conversation:

Jonathan: How did begin?

James: It's a fairly long story, but I'll give you the short version.

Your advert isn't just a dissemination of information. Your advert is an invitation for an individual to join and be an advocate of your community and mission. It is an invitation for someone to give their skills and insight to your organisation and in return be invested into. Therefore these are some helpful pointers for writing a good advert.

I want young people to know who they are and whose they are. I long to see issues like low self-esteem, knife crime, depression, etc totally lose their grip on our youth! I’m desperate to see young people become part of a community, a family and know that they are wanted and loved.

It's national #VolunteerWeek and this has really got us thinking about volunteering. One thing that became clear this morning is that Heather (Customer Service and Operations Executive at Christian Jobs) is very passionate about volunteering. So passionate, that we got her to write a blog out it.


The 14th - 16th May 2019 was the Elim Leaders Summit. Thousands of leaders from across the Elim network gathered together to engage, experience encounter and to be equipped. Some of the equipping took place above the main conference hall in the exhibition hall. That is where part of the Christian Jobs team could be found last week, engaging with organisations and being encouraged by all that God was doing. Mark Cherry gives his account of his day at the Elim Leaders Summit 2019.