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With our Mental Health in the workplace event just around the corner, the topic of mental health has been close to my mind. If I'm honest, its a topic that is always on my mind. I, like many, have had times when my mental health has been a bit "shaky". Instead of seeing the joy in something, I would very easily see the negative. This has caused doubts, anxieties and impacted my effectiveness at times. 

In the run up to our training event, Mental Health in the Workplace - A Christian Response, we have been inspired by the work churches and organisations are already doing to support people's mental health. The following prayer was written by a church in Birmingham.
Doesn’t it seem as though 2019 is just whizzing by? It certainly does here at Christian Jobs. I can not believe that we are already putting the big black X across January in our calendars. Yet, whilst it feels incomprehensible that we’re already a month into this ‘New Year’, it is justifiable due to the sheer volume of activity that we have been involved in at Christian Jobs. Here’s some of the highlights from January...
‘Specialisation, mobility, education and the breakneck pace of technological advancements mean that “choosing a job” is likely to be something most of us will do several times in our lives,’ explains James Everall of CRE North exhibitor Christian Jobs. ‘We need to begin with God. As obvious as that sounds, the fact is that most Christians don’t begin job searches there. They begin with themselves.’
ChristianJobs are committed to working alongside organisations and churches to provide access to professional resources and training, in order that organisations can best support their employees and volunteers. At ChristianJobs we are passionate about raising awareness of how to respond to mental health conditions, therefore Christian Jobs will be hosting a training event on Mental Health in the Workplace, alongside experts within the field.
I firmly believe for all young people looking for a role you want to commit yourself to: take time to get to know yourself, your boundaries and how you thrive best. Take time out before you commit to a community for the long term. Jesus is big enough to use you, exactly as you are to contribute to a bigger picture which you can’t see in all it’s depth now.