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About us

Lepra are a UK based international charity working to beat leprosy in India, Mozambique, and Bangladesh. In 2018 we began taking our message to different faith groups and making appeals to congregations. We have found faith groups to be extremely receptive to our message, and have been overwhelmed by the generosity and engagement of these groups. There are many congregations across the UK, and we need your help in reaching as many of them as possible to help raise funds to support our vital work.

What will I be doing?

We are looking for volunteers to engage with faith groups in their local areas and to present appeals at services. As a faith appeal volunteer, we will work with you to identify faith groups in your local area and attend services to make our appeal.

Will I need to prepare the talk myself?

No, we have a template script for a faith appeal that is tried and tested for both content and length. However these have been largely developed for traditional Anglican and Roman Catholic settings and we are interested to know how our material may be developed to appeal to other traditions of Christian worship. You can help us with this. You will have the support of a local Community Fundraiser who will also be able to help you with any extra materials you need. 

Do I need to be religious or of a particular denomination?

No, Lepra are a secular organisation and you don’t need to be affiliated to any particular religion or denomination to do this volunteer role. You do need to be comfortable with different christian traditions, and talking to people of different faiths and backgrounds. For historic reasons we have mainly been involved with the Roman Catholic church so far, but have started to work with Anglican and Pentecostal churches as well as with Hindu faith groups.

What training will I get?

Before you deliver a faith appeal by yourself, we will ensure that you are fully comfortable with everything you need to do. This may involve accompanying your Community Fundraiser on a faith appeal so you can see how it’s done, or spending time with them to practice the appeal and ask any questions.

We will provide you with an induction so that you know about Lepra and what we do, but of course we don’t expect you to know everything and will always make sure you know who to refer questions back to if you can’t answer them.

Your Community Fundraiser will also be on hand to help should you have any questions or need any materials.

Do I need any qualifications or experience?

You don’t need any specific experience or qualifications for this role, however because this role involves communicating with the public in a potentially sensitive setting, as well as possibly interacting with children, all volunteers will need to undertake a DBS check before giving talks alone. We will also require you to read and comply with Lepra’s volunteering code of conduct, as well as our safeguarding and data protection policies. This may seem like a lot, but it’s important for a role with this level of responsibility and access to the community.

The main thing with this role is that you can confidently make an appeal to a group of people who will be engaged and interested in what you have to say.

What’s the time commitment?

Because of the nature of this role and the fact that it requires a certain amount of training and checks, we ask for a commitment of at least six months to undertake this role.

Most faith appeals take place at the weekend and can often involve attending services at different time slots over a Saturday and Sunday. We would hope that you will attend a minimum of one faith appeal a month during your time as a volunteer with us, but we will always ensure that you are available before booking an appeal for you, and will work with you to identify dates and locations that work for you.

What’s in it for me?

We think this is a unique and interesting volunteer role, which will give you the opportunity to gain experience in communicating directly with sections of your community that you may otherwise not have come into contact with, or in becoming more involved in those that you are already a part of. Some of the people that this role is ideal for include;

  • Anyone who is interested in working in a faith environment
  • Anyone who is interested in career in charity fundraising
  • Religious studies or theology students
  • Anyone who would like to gain public speaking experience

Even if you are not directly interested in faith or community work, this role is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in public speaking in a controlled and receptive environment.If you want to gain experience in working with different sections of the community, or are keen to make links throughout your community and communicate with different people, then this role could be for you.If you are studying the faith sector and would like to gain experience directly communicating with different faith communities, we can offer you that opportunity.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this volunteer role we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at or call 01206 126700. We will want to have a chat to you about why you’re interested in the role, and what you’re looking to get out of it, as well as answer any questions you have about the role.


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