Kids Worker/ Friend-maker (amazing estate ministry)

Welcome to Whitleigh

Whitleigh is a large estate of 7,000 people on the outskirts of Plymouth. It has a mixed reputation but many wonderful people. There are 5 schools, loads of kids, but not loads to do — although there’s an amazing cafe (Porkies) which is the social hub and often arranges fairs and trips. Whitleigh is a goldmine: bags of potential, lots of love to go around, but rocky bits too.

The story so far…

My wife and I have lived in Whitleigh for two years (with our 4 and 6 yr olds). It’s been very hard at times, but we have seen Jesus do wonderful things. Our neighbours are not in a rush to “come to church”, but when we are out-and-about we always make new friends who are thirsty from life and hungry to hear more.

A worshipping community has bubbled up: we have about 40 in the church family and have baptised 19. But, again, there’s much more life that simply won’t fit into typical programmes/ courses/ groups/ services/ buildings. E.g. we spend a lot of time boxing — we have 5 to 55 year olds involved — which regularly ends up in prayer and Bible.

Discipling Kids…

People have tried to get involved from a distance and it doesn’t work — turning up at set times and hoping other people will turn up too. That doesn’t mean you need to live on the estate (although it helps), but you do have to be OK just hanging-out even if there’s nothing specific planned. Our little saying is “Jesus didn’t sit in his hut”. This means we can never predict what He’ll be up to or when: we’ve just got to be close enough to Jesus and to others to see and hear what’s really going on.

We are looking for someone to make friends with the kids (and their parents) and show them what Jesus is like. (These kids learn by what they see more than what they’re told). Someone out-of-the-mould who would be doing this even if it wasn’t their job. Someone who would love to see kids in the centre of the church family, praying for others, not pushed into a side room with colouring pencils.

Is that me?…

So if you also believe church is Prayer - Bible - Friendship… If you want to come and simply love the kids and parents here and have fun… If you’re able to talk about Jesus in a cafe… And if you’re not a massive fan of official titles and lanyards… then we would LOVE to hear from you :)

This could be a half time or a full time role (pro rata £25k).


United Kingdom

£12500.00 to £25000.00
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