Qualified Nursery Nurse

Sapphires Nursery School


  • To model the nursery’s Christian Ethos and inspire others to do the same

Scope of Position:

  • To ensure a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for all children.
  • To assist the room leader in providing rich learning opportunities for all children.
  • To work as part of a team in order to provide an enabling environment in which all individual children can engage, learn and develop.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Develop and maintain good relationships and communications with parents to facilitate day-to-day caring needs.  
  • To take an active involvement with additional activities such as parent’s evenings, open days, training and staff meetings.
  • Undertake certain domestic jobs within nursery, for example; preparation of snack meals, cleansing of equipment and such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature as may be determined from time to time by the room leader.
  • Read, understand and adhere to all policies and procedures relevant to the role of Nursery Nurse.
  • To ensure all information received within nursery is kept strictly confidential.

Teaching and Learning

  • Demonstrate a commitment to understanding how children develop.  
  • To consult with the children and involve them in the planning of resources, activities and the environment.
  • Formulate and operate a programme of rich and varied activities that meet the individual learning needs of all children.
  • Take responsibility for ‘Key Children’ ensuring their welfare and learning needs are met at all times.
  • Keep high quality records of your key children’s learning development through observations to inform future planning.
  • Assess the progress of each key child. Monitor any emerging gaps and implement effective interventions with support from the room leader.
  • To ensure that meal times are a time of pleasant social sharing by modeling positive behaviours.
  • Ensure the provision of a high quality environment to meet the needs of all children regardless of any disabilities, family backgrounds or medical history.
  • Take opportunities to introduce the children to new learning experiences wherever possible.


Health and Safety

  • Ensure high standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times.
  • Wash and change children as required.
  • Report and record all accidents that occur under your supervision.
  • Take a shared responsibility for the safety of each individual child. Only allow known and agreed adults to collect the children.
  • Ensure poorly children are kept comfortable and warm and parents are notified immediately in order for the child to be collected.
  • Ensure Welfare and Safeguarding Children procedures are followed and you know what to 
do in the event of an allegation being made. 

  • Be familiar with all emergency procedures.
  • Ensure the correct following of the medicine policy at all times.


Sapphires Nursery School


East Molesey
United Kingdom

Full Time
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