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  • Pilsdon is an Intentional Christian Community of members who choose to live together for several years and organize their lives around the principles of worship, work, and hospitality.
  • Based in a Jacobean manor house, surrounded by outbuildings, and buried deep in the lovely West Dorset countryside, Pilsdon offers a place of safety and a healthy pattern for day to day life to those who live on the margins of society.
  • The community provides a safe and caring environment for those who may be recovering from addiction or mental illness or are in need of a place to recover from life trauma.  It provides a sanctuary where people can rebuild their lives.


(For further information about the personal qualities needed and the lifestyle that the role involves please see the accompanying document, “Being Warden”).

  • The Warden is appointed by the Trustees and is responsible to them for the leadership of the community and for its day-to-day running.
  • This includes the overall discipline and welfare of the Community (Community Members and Guests), and also the buildings, furnishings and equipment owned by the Charity.  (A part-time Administrator is employed to provide office support.)
  • He/ she also oversees the appropriate use of the Church and all the adjoining farmland, and is responsible for the external links of the community with Supporters and Friends, with relevant funding agencies and the media.
  • The Warden is responsible for recruiting and appointing new Community members after consultation with existing Members and the Trustees.
  • Being rooted in the Anglican tradition the Warden needs ideally to be Anglican themselves or to have understanding of this to be able to minister to the pastoral needs and faith development of the Community Members amongst others. Hence an active interest in theology and vocational development would be desired. As an inclusive community, he/she needs also to be comfortable with ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.


These are the sorts of qualities that we seek in our Warden:

  • Mature, broad and open theology/spirituality
  • Empathetic, good with people (and good at living with people). A good listener.
  • “Gets” what Pilsdon is about
  • Leader and encourager
  • Energy, enthusiasm and a confident approach
  • Able to initiate outreach and new projects
  • Physically and mentally robust
  • Good manager and delegator
  • Able to maintain strong and appropriate boundaries and able to hold people to account
  • In touch with their own vulnerability
  • A sense of humour!

Ecumenical and rooted in the Anglican tradition, the community of some 35 people offers a daily rhythm of prayer and practical work. The residential warden (partners and families welcome) has great freedom to exercise their vocation and gifts.

Full details and application form:

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