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Lighthouse Central is the Umbrella organisation for the Lighthouse kids clubs that run in the summer attracting around 4,000 children and many volunteers. 

Whilst the first Lighthouse started over 30 years ago Lighthouse Central has only existed for the last 5 years. It was formed to give structure to the previously evolved loose organisation so that it could help the existing Lighthouses with enhanced central services and to take the Lighthouse concept to new communities.

Lighthouse Central has a full time salaried Director who joined 3 years ago and who was previously running one of the Lighthouses. Lighthouse Central hosts the database and all registration and communication facilities for the Lighthouses as well as providing policies, training, resources and much more to enable existing Lighthouses to operate and new Lighthouses to be established.

This year due to Covid no Lighthouses are operating as physical entities so Lighthouse Central has established a full 5 day live on-line Lighthouse week which will open doors for future development of the Lighthouse movement.

The current chairman of Trustees had planned to retire this year and so we are looking for a new Chairman to lead the Trustees. All existing Trustees, with the exception of the retiring Chairman, have been significantly involved with one of the 12 individual Lighthouses. We have seen the advantages of having a Chairman from outside the Lighthouse family with no influences from any particular Lighthouse.

The Chairman has to lead the Trustees in identifying vision, defining strategy and putting in place organisation.

The Qualities needed for this role are, the ability to think strategically, the ability to inspire others, chairmanship skills - ideally would have already acted as a Chairman of another organisation - and the space to follow a disciplined and regular follow-up with Director and other key Trustees.

The new Chairman should be able to spend an average of one to two days per month plus attendance at events. Clearly in the early stages there will need to be more time to understand the current organisation and to gain exposure to the world of children's ministry. The retiring Chairman will do everything possible to help the new Chaiman into their role.

The charity has a turnover of around £60,000 funded by subscriptions from Lighthouses and charitable giving.




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