Pioneer Planter Pastor


This is a very brief summary of the parish that merely gives an overview of the area. Further details can be found on and more statistics can be seen if you go to the links listed below.

We are excited to be able to offer this full-time post as part of the Lifestreams team, providing support and accountability to explore together where God is taking us.

Job Description

This three-fold post involves building on the newly formed church plant at Saint Cedd’s Church as part of the Lifestreams group of Churches and involves the following:

  • Discern, develop and implement a strategy for the Saint Cedd’s parish, for new pioneering and outreach initiatives that includes local people and responds to the needs of the community; being complementary with the vision and values of Lifestreams.
  • Set strategic goals and objectives in accordance with the vision and carry them out.
  • Be disciplined in personal regular prayer, study, devotional and worship life.
  • Take a full part in the general and corporate prayer life of Lifestreams including daily morning prayer and staff meetings, PCCs etc.
  • Work within Lifestreams team to integrate, support and shape the mission across the three churches including preaching and leading worship at Sunday and weekday worship services.
  • Create, train and oversee a sustainable team to serve all generations and families.
  • Network with key stakeholders in the voluntary and statutory sector, developing effective partnerships for appropriate practical responses and to ensure that Saint Cedd’s is represented where key conversations are taking place in relation to work with vulnerable people, children, young people and families in our area.
  • Helping all generations and families develop in their journey towards a relationship with Jesus and in discipleship for ongoing healthy development.
  • Identify key potential future leaders and investing personally in their faith development and discipleship. 
  • Identify potential funding streams for relevant projects.
  • Nurture the existing congregation, preach, teach, pray and develop the worship life in relevant, informal and creative ways, also inviting others to participate, to build up the body of Christ.
  • Build relationships with the Mendip Community Group and others around the area with an initial remit to listen to the concerns of the community and seeking opportunities to work in partnership with other agencies to address the main issues.
  • Disciple and develop a pioneering team to participate in this work and be a good model and catalyst for missional practice across the Lifestreams group. 
  • Initiate and run/oversee missional and evangelistic strategies and courses such as Alpha, or CapUK Money, Job club, Life Skills or Fresh Start. Page 2 of 4 
  • Develop fresh expressions of church in different contexts around the parish and at the Saint Cedd’s Church building.
  • Be accountable to the Priest-in-charge and the PCC of Saint Cedd’s.
  • Be a visible sign of the presence of Jesus in the community and lead others in the same.

Please explore the website for more general details about our churches or give us a call. 

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