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We are a Gospel Church located in the town centre and we gather every Sunday Morning for communal worship. The Church was established in 1866 and currently has 30 members. The majority of the attending congregation are in the 50 plus age group.We have a small youth church where attendance is intermittent. As a Church we are a community of believers who have a passion for Jesus, seeking fullness of life in Jesus, and wishing to share the Gospel in our communities.

We are a very welcoming Church, caring for our members and adherents with a desire to be a praying church, holding a weekly and monthly prayer meeting. We have a love for the Gospel and a desire to be guided by the Holy Spirit. We are particularly welcoming to family groups and enjoy having young children in our midst during our services.

We currently have a small praise band but have relied heavily on YouTube during the pandemic bringing more modern worship songs to the fellowship. The Deaconate has four members; three men and one woman.

We are currently in vacancy and are now actively seeking a new Pastor. If you feel that God may be calling you to lead our ministry in Kilmarnock, please see our profile document by following the below link for further information.



East Ayrshire
United Kingdom

£32000.00 to £35000.00
Full Time
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