Christian Female Live-In Support Worker with a Women’s Residential Centre

The Role is a full time live in position at our Women's Centre at Bramall House, HG3 2LP. The post holder is the senior live in member of staff on site. The post holder will be a female and a practicing Christian. The main purpose of the role is:

  1. Under the supervision of the Centre Manager at Kennel Hall Farm, HG3 2AY, to maintain the highest levels of care in accordance with the Charity’s Christian mission, vision, policies and procedures.
  1. As live in Support Worker, to provide direct and practical help, care and support to our female HLT Residents who have come through long term rehabilitation of drugs and or alcohol.
  1. To Support residents on their journey of development through life skill training, education packages and work based placement opportunities working towards independent living and future employment.
  1. To Supervise and train the incumbents of the Intern Role

Key Responsibilities are:

1.    To be an example of Christian living with abstinence from smoking, vaping, alcohol and or drugs.

2.    To ensure that the residents best interests are supported by providing direct and practical help, care and support to residents at HLT.

3.    To work closely with Colleges and Education providers and seek out volunteer / work based placements to align each resident with their chosen vocation.

4.    Hold regular 1:1 key working sessions with each resident to ensure practical and spiritual development is maintained.

5.    Seek and maintain connection with local Church Pastors and support each resident to connecting and becoming rooted in a local Church family.

6.    Maintain accurate record keeping using a secure on line system and fulfil the required administration duties for the role.

7.    Maintain confidential information in support of all areas in the charity.

8.    To delegate and supervise daily and weekly duties at the centre.

9.    Hold regular meetings with the residents to maintain momentum and moral through prayer and encouragement

10.    To complete weekly food orders and create healthy meal choices/ menu’s.

11.    To assist in the weekly transportation of residents to appointments and social activities and or placements.

12.    To complete the evening welfare checks of the residents and security of the building.

13.    To complete regular drug, alcohol and smoking tests on residents to ensure safeguarding of all residents and the centre

14.    Complete regular room checks and searches

15.    Supervise and train the Internship into a support working role.

16.    To ensure the residence is kept to the required standards. To report faults and issues on the premises to the CM in a timely way including equipment and buildings of the residence and commercial units.

17.    To ensure all Health and safety responsibilities are met in accordance with required standards

18.    To maintain good relations with the commercial tenants in interests of the Charity.

19.    To oversee bookings, greeting of guests and house-keeping of the Charity’s Cottage rental accommodation.

20.    The post holder may be directed by the CM on occasion to complete other duties which fulfil the charities need.

A full Job Specification is attached. For further information please email

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