Support/Night Worker


Job Title: Support Worker

Reporting to: Project Manager

The main purpose of the job is:

  • to ensure the health, safety and security of the building and its residents.
  • to work collaboratively and flexibly with other staff and volunteers.

Support Worker

Main Tasks

Housing Management 

Void Control

  • Inspect empty rooms and specify repair works or cleaning that needs to be carried out.

Rent collection, Accounting and arrears recover

  • Where required collect, record and issues receipts for service charges.
  • Fill in housing benefit forms and all relevant tenancy forms for new residents ensuring prompt payment of rent by occupants.
  • Gather any data and budgetary information requested for the reviewing and setting of annual rent levels.
  • Provide general advice to occupants regarding benefit entitlement to minimise the risk of rent arrears.

Responsive, major and cyclical repairs

  • Inspection and reporting of general repairs and estate maintenance.
  • Ensure repairs and estate maintenance issues are identified and appropriate action agreed and implemented with the managers approval.

Estate management.

  • Ensure that the dwelling (including the curtilage) is kept in a clean and tidy condition (inside and out).
  • Ensure that the occupant is able to use appliances safely such as cooker and iron.
  • Ensure fire safety within the property, such as ensuring that occupants do not leave lighted cigarettes around the dwelling or leave taps running.
  • Patrol the dwelling and curtilage, reporting repairs and discourage crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Carry out random breath tests and drug tests on residents.
  • Carry out risk assessments and hazard reporting relating to the property and its curtilage in line with health and safety policy and procedures.
  • Ensure the property is maintained in a secure condition, conducting regular checks on the property and undertaking and securing outside doors.

Occupancy management.

  • Ensure occupants understand their occupancy agreement, their rights and obligations.
  • Ensure occupants comply with the terms of their occupancy.
  • Action any failures with regard to occupancy compliance in cases where an eviction/termination notice is proposed against an occupant.
  • Provide reports on occupancy compliance to the relevant staff member in cases where an eviction/termination notice is proposed against an occupant.

     Occupant participation

  • Liaise, consult with, and actively advance occupants’ meetings, encouraging participation in decision making processes that affect the running of the property.
  • Encourage and assist occupant participation, consultation and ensure they play a part in the smooth running of the property

To provide support to residents as appropriate by:

Advising and supervising occupants on the use of domestic equipment and appliances which Includes advice and supervision in using domestic equipment and appliances which could be considered life skills such as:

  • using a washing machine.
  • setting heating controls appropriately.

Encourage social interaction such as;

  • Chatting.
  • welfare checks i.e. checking on occupants during the day in their accommodation.
  • Games and other activities.

Spending time with the residents in structured one to one sessions, assessing, reviewing and reporting the progress made.

Ensuring that the Christian ethos of the project is maintained and ensuring the spiritual needs of the residents are met.


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