Support worker/adviser

Highway of Holiness

Job Title: Support Worker     

Salary: £13,500 per Annum

Hours: 20 Hours per week (Part time)

Location: Highway House (Tottenham, London)

Responsible to: Project Manager     

Summary of role

This post is responsible for ensuring that guests who attend Highway House are in the first instance made welcome. The primary role will be to engage those guests in developing a pathway of support for them, and help them move to the maximum independence they are capable of.  Providing baseline and continuing monitoring of their progress will be required, as will working closely with the manager and the administration officer.

  • Be responsible for receiving guests
  • Initial recording of guests details
  • Work with guests to identify their needs
  • Research and engage appropriate support for guests
  • Develop links with health and welfare agencies to benefit guests
  • Support the physical and mental well being of guests
  • Ensure effective collection of monitoring information, consultation and feedback
  • Report regularly to the project manager and the board of trustees upon the progress of the project against stated outcomes
  • Agree with Manager and Trustees any actions regarding outcomes
  • Ensure all safeguarding issues are dealt with effectively as detailed within our policy
  • Work with, support, and build the understanding of volunteers
  • Assist the Project Manager with training volunteers on site
  • Agree and maintain work plans with Project Manager
  • Produce regular reports for the Project Manager and board of trustees
  • Work with project Manager to engage partners and develop new opportunities
  • Contribute to review of activities so they are based upon need
  • Identify and contribute to all legal requirements being met
  • Work with the Project Manager and Administrator ensuring the information is processed to provide monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Work with the Project Manager to review action plan, delivery plans and risk assessments
  • Contribute to the risk register and analysis
  • Training volunteers in support work
  • Any other duties deemed necessary

Highway of Holiness


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United Kingdom

Part Time
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