Operations Administrator

Key Responsibilities

General functions

  1. Bookkeeping, payroll and financial administration.
  2. Help plan and execute fundraising events.
  3. HR support (recruitment, training, health and safety).
  4. Communications and social media.
  5. Support the team in keeping evangelism at the heart of all our projects.

Shelter season

  1. Help plan and execute the winter night shelter.
  2. Support relationships with partner churches and volunteers.

GrowTH Housing

  1. Manage accommodation fee income.
  2. Track and issue resident license agreements.
  3. Utilities management.
  4. Maintenance of properties.

On top of this, there will need to be ad hoc support provided to the director, as required. This could involve attendance at meetings, minute taking, or anything else that is required to enhance the service that we provide and the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Detailed Responsibilities

Booking, payroll and office administration

  1. Regular bookkeeping on Excel (potential to move to an online system such as Xero).
  2. Maintain financial records and receipts.
  3. Pay invoices in a timely manner.
  4. Claim gift aid as appropriate and maintain accurate gift aid records.
  5. Prepare reports as requested by the director.
  6. Keep the office stocked and well organised (we are currently switching to a paperless office so there will be scanning required).
  7. Monitor contracts such as printer and phone contracts.
  8. Company secretarial work (updating Companies House records etc.).

Help plan and execute events

  1. Brainstorm fundraising ideas.
  2. Help coordinate and organise events such as the annual sleep out and summer celebration.

HR support

  1. Support the director and housing manager in the recruitment of staff.
  2. Conduct DBS checks on staff and volunteers.
  3. Act as the safeguarding lead officer for the charity.
  4. Arrange suitable training for the staff, such as safeguarding and first aid.
  5. Help ensure GrowTH complies with all relevant legislation, such as data protection and health and safety.

Communications and social media

  1. Prepare and post regular social media updates.
  2. Maintain mailing lists and send regular emails to volunteers and churches.
  3. Correspond with donors.

Support the team in keeping evangelism at the heart of all our projects

  1. Join in and occasionally lead staff prayer meetings and bible studies.
  2. Help the team organise evangelistic events in the shelter and the housing project. Partake where necessary and possible.

Help plan and coordinate the winter night shelter

  1. Help the director and advocate worker(s) to plan for each season.
  2. Produce or amend relevant paperwork such as volunteer agreement forms, guests feedback forms etc.
  3. Ensure all equipment is ordered and in place for the season.

Support relationships with partner churches and volunteers

  1. Liaise with partner churches and volunteers to enhance engagement.
  2. Draw up volunteer rotas.
  3. Help organise and plan volunteer training.
  4. Attend promotional events and represent GrowTH.

Track and issue resident license agreements.

  1. Monitor issuing of 8-weekly license agreements for the residents.
  2. Draw up new license agreements or renewed licences when appropriate.

Track accommodation fee income

  1. Maintain accommodation fee income records.
  2. Report any issues promptly to the housing manager.
  3. Prepare accommodation fee statements for residents where required.
  4. Prepare and issue warning letters to residents if terms of license are breached.

Utilities management

  1. Ensure all housing bills are paid in a timely manner (ideally direct debit).
  2. Flag and resolve any issues with the utilities’ providers.
  3. Scan and maintain records.
  4. Calculate appropriate service charges for each property.

Maintenance of properties

  1. Book maintenance works at the request of the housing manager.
  2. Obtain quotes for works where necessary.
  3. Support in preparing rooms for new residents.
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