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We are democratising philanthropy. At Givt we want everyone to be able to give to any good cause, wherever they are, and have help in managing their charitable giving. Through our app, users can currently manage their giving directly in the app and give to a huge variety of organisations. We are on a mission to empower anyone to be able to have an impact on the world, all with the user at the centre of the experience. Used by over 30% of churches in the Netherlands and with some major groups in the UK signed up, we have a user base of over 80k. This is gathering momentum and we need someone to keep us growing, that’s why we need you!

Are you working in sales but tired of selling for something you don’t believe in? Or are you working in a church or charity but would like a more fast-paced and clearly results-driven role? It doesn’t matter what level of experience you bring, as long as you’re driven by a desire to find a way to do the undoable and reach the unreachable and have a clear affinity with churches or charities. In our Dutch team we call them Sales-tigers. It would be nice if you’re still a nice person to work with :)

Does this look like something for you? Then we would like to invite you to come and meet us online. Below you will find a little more detail about what we are looking for. If you fit the profile send us your CV and leave us your phone number so we can make an appointment.

Do you fit this profile?

You are intimately familiar with churches (and charities) and know your way around in their networks (we think this is vital for growing our base)

You’re willing to test and experiment, trying whatever it takes to get to our goals

You’re willing to call a lot, working rather independently without losing sight of the bigger picture

You’re self-steering by means of an agile mindset (SCRUM) and Semco Style work environment

You can balance your own interests and the interests of the team

You are located in the UK


What do we offer?

A team with a healthy work/play balance

The space to learn through success and failures

A mission with a major positive impact

A negotiable salary (no, this is not a euphemism for “as little as possible” :))

The environment in which you can be an owner

All the tools you need to do your job

Flexibility in how you want to organise your personal priorities

Interested? Then send a quick email to or call Barry, Renze or Sjoerd on 020 3790 8068


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