General Secretary

Company Secretary of the Free Church of England Central Trust (FCECT) and General Secretary of the Free Church of England (FCE). The Central Trust of the Free Church of England.

A combination of working from FCE premises and from home to be agreed. There is a requirement to travel throughout the United Kingdom as necessary for which a travel allowance will be available.

Will report to Bishop Primus of the FCE and is additionally responsible to the Executive Council of FCECT and General Council of FCE.

Will line manage Future administrative staff as required, no roles at present.

Overall purpose of the role

With the Bishops, to provide guidance and support to the Churches, Convocation and committees that make up the Free Church of England so as to facilitate the FCE in achieving its purpose.

To enact decisions made by the Bishops, Convocation and its committees and the Central Trust of the FCE.

This will be achieved by:

Ensuring that advice on proper governance within the Canons of the FCE and relevant Charity and Company law is provided to the Bishops and the wider leadership.

Ensuring that professional advice is available concerning all aspects of Governance and administration to the Bishops and leadership Committees and acting as the interface with professional advisers.

Ensuring that communication channels are effective within and outside of the FCE. Providing a high standard of administrative support and management.


  1. Ensure that decisions of Convocation and its committees and of the Central Trust are made within the Canons of the FCE and execute them appropriately.

  2. Ensure that Committees, including the General Council, are constituted according to the Articles of Association of the FCECT and the Canons of the FCE, and that appropriate records are made and appropriate elections are held.

  3. Ensure that the Central Trust of the FCE and its Executive Council are constituted in accordance with its rules, that appropriate records are made and that appropriate elections are held.

  4. Ensure that elected individuals meet the requirements to hold office.

  5. Serve as Secretary to Convocation and the General Council.

  6. Serve as an ex officio member of all Committees of Convocation.

  7. Call Special Meetings of Convocation if requested by the Bishop Primus or a majority of members of Convocation.

  8. Manage the process for Episcopal elections, providing four weeks’ notice and providing a Certificate of Election, prior to the consecration of the elected candidate(s).

  9. Sign off, with the Bishop Primus, approved Forms of Worship.

  10. Certify when individual's membership of the FCE has ended and ensure their removal as Trustees.

  11. With the approval of the Bishop Primus appoint the Accountants.

  12. Send out the Annual Returns prior to the Annual Congregational Meetings and receive and process the completed Returns

  13. Receive decisions and appeals from Courts of Ecclesiastical Discipline.

  14. Notify Congregations, Overseas Dioceses, and the Treasurer of abatements to the quota agreed by the General Council.

Professional guidance

Provide professional support and guidance to the Bishops, General Treasurer, and leadership Committees on professional matters including: financial, legal, data protection, HR, buildings, insurance, and regulatory matters, and act as the interface with professional advisers.

General Administration

Set up and manage events as required, using volunteers to assist.
Ensure that any events held are in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.

In connection with Convocation:

  • Send out notices of meetings
  • Prepare agenda, draft Year Book, etc. and mail to attendees
  • Take minutes and present for approval at the start of each day’s session - Complete full minutes for signing before departure from Convocation
  • Ensure all administration is completed

In connection with the Central Trust: - Supervise FCE pension scheme - Supervise FCE stipend scheme - Liaise with Land Registry:

  • Liaise with Denominational Solicitors re trusteeships, property sales, etc.

In connection with the Denominational Office:

  • Keep records and archives
  • Arrange for the deposition of denominational archives
  • Keep stocks of and send out publicity material or bookshop material as required - Organise the printing of such material as required


  • Ensure that the FCE website is maintained and updated regularly with fresh content, liaising with the volunteer Webmaster to ensure the regular posting of appropriate and accurate material and updates.
  • Gather content for sharing within the FCE family, utilising appropriate communications channels.
  • Act as first point of contact for the press, the general public, Churches Together in England, insurance companies, Church Statistics, and for other matters.
  • Develop new resources for presenting the FCE to external audiences.
  • Ensure that new congregations and individuals joining the FCE have access to effective communication systems.
  • Prepare a draft Year Book prior to Convocation, update reports if necessary following Convocation, draft a summary of Convocation proceedings, add directory material, etc. and ensure printing and circulation by September.
  • Liaise with Charity Commission as required.
  • Liaise with Denominational Solicitors and other external professionals.
  • Liaise with those individuals or bodies (within the FCE) responsible for training, evangelism, church planting, etc.
  • Liaise with appropriate members of REC in North America, etc.
  • In collaboration with General Treasurer ensure prompt payment of bills and collection of moneys due.

Succession and Growth

  • Support the Bishops and other leaders with succession planning, recruitment and ministerial training.
  • Maintain a knowledge of skills, gifting, and availability of volunteers across all areas of the FCE family.
  • Ensure that current and future members of denominational committees have access to appropriate training and development.
  • Manage fundraising activities including grant applications, events, and other opportunities that arise. 

Person Specification (E=Essential, D=Desirable)


  1. Degree or equivalent professional qualification in a relevant area (E)
  2. Has managed or advised on compliance within organisational rules and regulations covering Health and Safety and Safeguarding (E)
  3. Has managed or advised on compliance within a structure that is bound by canons or statutes that need interpretation (D)
  4. Has experience of building organisational infrastructure and resilience (E)
  5. Has operated as a specialist in one or more of: Building management, Finance, Legal Services, HR and has a working understanding of the other professional areas (E)
  6. Has a network of professionals that can be accessed (D)
  7. Has experience of supporting volunteer leaders (D)
  8. Has experience of providing strategic level support to senior leadership (E)

Skills and aptitudes

  1. Has excellent written and verbal communication skills (E)
  2. Is comfortable with and able to relate to others from all backgrounds and outlooks(E)
  3. Is able to build and use networks to promote the FCE (E)
  4. Has the ability to develop capacity and resources (E)
  5. Has the ability to inspire volunteers (E)


  1. Will have an understanding of and be in full sympathy with the purpose and mission of the FCE (E)
  2. Will be able to demonstrate wisdom in decision making and be held in high regard by others (E)
  3. Will be energetic and passionate about the purpose of the FCE (E)
  4. Will be a self-starter, not needing regular supervision (E)
  5. Will be both inquisitive and pro-active (E)

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role then we would love to hear from you. Please send a copy of your CV and a Cover Letter to David at We look forward to hearing from you.

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