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About the Role

Sponsorship in this context is the term applied to the support, financial and personal, of needy children at Dr Graham’s Homes. Children are supported by individual sponsors (or sometimes a group of sponsors) mainly from the UK.

Sponsorship in the UK is managed by a Sponsorship Secretary who reports to the Chairman of the UK Committee. The responsibility of the Sponsorship Secretary is to fulfil that role on behalf of the UK Committee, the members of which make up the UK Board of Trustees.  

Staff at The Homes in Kalimpong include a local Sponsorship Secretary whose role is to oversee the welfare of all sponsored children at The Homes. Additionally, Dr Graham’s Homes has an administrative presence in Kolkata overseeing some school leavers who have qualified for college and vocational trainees enrolled in further education courses. In India, both of these are responsible to the Kolkata Board of Management.

Most work is done at home. An honorarium (currently £9,000 per annum, paid quarterly) is offered for the post.

The Role of the UK Sponsorship Secretary:

  • To provide the vital link between sponsor and supported child - pupil or student - on a regular   basis. Looking after the welfare of our children is seen as the Key Role of the appointment.
  • To seek new Sponsors and Correspondents and to liaise directly with both new and established Sponsors and Correspondents, thereby ensuring that their interest and involvement is retained;
  • To liaise directly with both the UK Board of Trustees and the Kolkata Board of Management in fulfilling the annual screening, interviewing and selection of needy children for sponsorship;
  • To liaise with relevant staff looking after sponsorship matters at Kalimpong and in Kolkata;
  • To provide the communication links between Sponsors, Correspondents and children;
  • To maintain and update the records of Sponsored Children, their Sponsors and Correspondents, producing regular status reports for UK Trustees;
  • Together with the Trustees to develop new ways of finding Sponsors;
  • To work with the Trustees to  further (i) the educational opportunities for sponsored children, and, (ii) the UK Committee's charitable objectives.

Personal attributes and skills to fulfil the role:

  • A natural empathy for, and understanding of, under-privileged children, with particular relevance to cultural sensitivity;
  • Able to work effectively as part of a team, both nationally and internationally;
  • Have good organisational skills and be able to meet deadlines;
  • A high level of literacy and numeracy, communicating clearly in both spoken and written English
  • Have good IT skills, in particular, but not limited to, the use of Microsoft Office programmes.
  • Able to appraise and be capable of embracing change;
  • Able to exercise tact, diplomacy and discretion;
  • Physically able to cope with conditions to be experienced on the rugged terrain of the campus.
  • Experience of working with or alongside other charitable organisations;
  • Be prepared to make an annual, working visit to Kalimpong (approximately two weeks - travel and subsistence provided)

For more information contact drgrahamsuksec@gmail.com

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