Chief Executive Officer

Key Responsibilities

Responsible to ACC Board of Trustees via the line management by the Chair of Trustees.

1. Leadership Work with the Board of Trustees

  • To lead, inspire and motivate members of the Executive team, support staff and volunteers
  • To assist in developing the values, ethos, vision, mission and strategic objectives and priorities and to ensure that they are relevant, fair and consistently implemented
  • To ensure that the charity fulfils all its legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities Work with Members of the Executive • To develop and maintain an environment that attracts, motivates and retains the best staff and volunteers
  • To develop the work and infrastructure of ACC in order to achieve the agreed strategic plan and its objects, vision and mission and thus to ensure that the charity is focused on achieving the strategic priorities and improving the services that it provides to achieve best practice.

2. Management Work with Members of the Executive Committee

  • To be accountable to the Board of Trustees and provide assurance on the effective management of ACC
  • To ensure ACC is an efficient and effective organisation with an appropriate management and organisational structure and systems to fulfil its strategic objectives
  • To ensure that all management policies, decisions and plans support the agreed vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of ACC
  • To identify appropriate methods for monitoring and reporting performance against strategic and business plans
  • To ensure that the recruitment, management, training and development of staff reflect good employment practice and are directed towards achieving the charity’s objectives
  • To be responsible for the line management of ACC Executive members and management staff

3. Risk and Finance

  • To ensure that the major risks to which ACC is exposed are reviewed regularly by the Executive team and Board and that actions are established to mitigate risks
  • To ensure a risk analysis is automatically carried out when taking on new work or proposing new work to the board Work with the Finance Director
  • To ensure that the financial health of ACC including developing, overseeing and monitoring an effective programme of income generation and budget management
  • To ensure that there are effective mechanisms to ensure the robustness of financial controls

4. External and internal relations Work with the Board, Executive and Staff

  • To foster good communications throughout ACC and externally with stakeholders, partners and the public
  • To develop ACC’s public profile and develop positive relationships with statutory bodies, stakeholders and the public including representing ACC at stakeholder meetings, public functions, and to the press/media
  • To develop and implement mechanisms for listening to the views of current and future beneficiaries on the performance of ACC, as well as on areas for future development
  • To scan the external environment for changes that may affect ACC and to proactively work to take appropriate action

5. Ensuring high-quality governance Work with the Chair

  • To ensure that the Board receives the necessary advice, guidance and information on matters relating to current performance, the short- and long-term future of the charity, regulatory and legal compliance, and other appropriate issues
  • To ensure that there is a positive and constructive working relationship between the board and the executive / staff.
  • To oversee the development, maintenance and monitoring of policies, documentation, systems and processes to ensure that governance requirements are maintained.

6. Board meetings

  • To attend ACC Board meetings as required Work with the Chair
  • To develop an annual programme of board and committee meetings
  • To ensure that the right and appropriate items reach board agenda (concentrating on governance and strategic objectives) and that necessary information is provided
  • To report regularly to the board of trustees on the performance of the charity, progress towards the strategic priorities and the achievement of board policies
  • To submit high-level policy proposals and amendments for the approval of the board or assist the board in the development of these policies, and to be responsible for the efficient and effective achievement of these policies
  • To implement board decisions to agreed deadlines

7. Executive Committee

  • To attend and manage ACC Executive team meetings
  • To ensure that the executive team is given the information and provided with the administrative support that it needs to perform its duties
  • To hold executive members to account for their objectives and ensure that executive team decisions are implemented as agreed,

8. Membership and Public Services Work with the Executive

  • To ensure that members are provided with a quality service that develops to meet changing needs and regulatory requirements
  • To develop a programme of events and publications in-line with strategic objectives and to ensure that they are delivered to the required standards and quality
  • To develop new membership streams and to implement the systems and processes needed to provide the necessary services.
  • To ensure that ACC services provide public benefit and protect public safety including: o Maintaining the quality of information provided to the public o Managing the complaints process
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