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All Saints Church, Truro

At  All  Saints  we  believe  that  our  purpose  in  life  is  to  LOVE  THE  LORD  OUR  GOD  with  all         our HEART, SOUL, STRENGTH, and MIND; and to love one another just as Jesus loves us. WORSHIP is the wholehearted commitment to this command; in other words, a life of unselfish devotion to God. The greatest praise we can offer God is the full acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

Purpose of the Role
This role is primarily in place to help the whole church reach out to the 'missing generations' and help more people know the love of God in Jesus. It is about worship, but as the first paragraph states it is also very much about discipleship too. At All Saints we understand how our relationship with Jesus can be inspired  and sustained by our commitment to worship and sacramental life and how both are expressions of our heart for God's word, the Bible. A suitable applicant will be someone who can serve not only as a lead worshipper but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry. This new role will help the church deepen its sense of encounter with God through worship and praise, whilst taking seriously the diversity of styles and traditions that are embraced at All Saints.

We recognise that when people meet with Jesus though the work of the Spirit in worship it can be life changing, for them and for the whole community. This role will help create more opportunities for people to come to know Jesus by helping to establish new worshipping communities for young and old, but with a particular care for the 'missing generations'. We desire to give as much freedom and flexibility to this role as is possible and want to emphasise that this Role Description is indicative and can be shaped in partnership with the Ministry Team at All Saints.

  • To help articulate this role further we have provided a vocational specification to help with your discernment. The following four objectives underpin the key responsibilities outlined on the following page.
  • To participate fully in the development of a thriving missional community in the churches across Truro, including work across denominations and traditions.
  • To develop new and contemporary and contemplative styles of Worship at All Saints, and identifying and equipping those with gifts and desire to grow in this area of ministry.
  • To establish a new worship and media team at All Saints out of the existing group, and to lead, coach and mentor this team and any new teams to support the TM vision and the growth of the church.
  • To participate and help lead in the work to establish new worshipping communities across different sites and venues whilst attending to the cultural and spiritual needs of the missing generations, and unchurched.
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All Saints Church, Truro


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