Senior Accountant

PLACE OF WORK: European Office, Nottingham (flexible and home working will be considered, but a minimum of 2 days/week during core working hours will be required in the Nottingham office)

HOURS OF WORK: 35 hrs/week

RESPONSIBLE TO: European Director

JOB SUMMARY: To provide financial leadership to the Finance and Operations Team, to take responsibility for the organisation’s operational finances, and to assist the Leadership Team on matters relating to financial strategy.



  1. Financial Leadership
  • Line management of the finance team, ensuring that they are appropriately motivated and developed to ensure they are able to undertake their responsibilities to the required standard
  • Attend Leadership Team meetings as requested


  1. Annual Budget
  • Be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget from the organisation’s strategic plans for submission to the Leadership Team and Board, and oversee its implementation and management


  1. Financial Reporting
  • Be responsible for all aspects of the internal and external financial reporting, providing timely financial information together with reports and recommendations to reflect the financial activity of the organisation and to support and facilitate strategic decision making
  • Be responsible for the preparation of the annual accounts and Trustees’ Annual Report, including filing accounts in accordance with requirements of UK Charity and Company Law
  • Review the organisation’s audit arrangements, and ensure the annual audit is completed satisfactorily, liaising with auditors as required


  1. Financial Strategy
  • Assist the Leadership Team in developing strategic organisational financial policies, including reserves and investments, in order to deliver the charity’s objectives and ensure the organisation’s long-term financial sustainability
  • Assist the Leadership Team to formulate, develop, monitor and evaluate the organisation’s financial strategies to optimise progression towards the charity’s objectives


  1. Financial Systems, Policies and Procedures
  • Maintain and develop operational financial systems, policies, procedures and controls to comply with UK legislation and accounting standards, and to ensure a high standard of financial management and ethics
  • Implement decisions made by the Leadership Team on the organisation’s salary, pension and other employee related schemes
  • Oversee the organisations banking arrangements, and review when appropriate


  1. Donations and Supporter Communications
  • Transferring donation data monthly from the supporter database to the accounting system  
  • Closing missionary and project accounts and redistributing funds (if applicable) at the end of their service, according to donors’ wishes


  1. European Office Activities
  • Participate in, and lead on a rota basis, daily Office Staff Devotions and Prayers. To include Bible reading, commentary, and prayer for AIM’s goals, Unreached People Groups, overseas missionaries, and European-based staff
  • Participate in Staff Conferences and other events organised by the European Director


  1. General Responsibilities
  • Working within legal, charity and organisational guidelines
  • Maintaining an active interest in the wider ministries of AIM International
  • Promoting externally the aims of AIM International, as appropriate for your particular skills and responsibilities, and within your spheres of influence
  • Other duties as requested by the European Director 

United Kingdom

Full Time
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