Futurekraft provide development and fundraising for small and medium sized churches, charities and social enterprises that desire sustainability and growth.

This is our ministry. And our profession. We are a small team of Christians, passionate about equipping the local church to transform communities. We have chosen to use our talents, gifts and skills to make a positive contribution to the world. We do this as a professional limited company. It’s our job. We love our work.

We are more than fundraisers. As your development partner, we see the bigger picture, connect the dots and help you prepare all aspects of your project for long-term sustainability and growth.

We won’t work with everyone. We need to believe in your vision. We need to see potential for life to grow. You will have the desire to respond effectively to identified community needs. Together, we want to see real lives changed.

We are willing to take risks. Working at the early stages of growth is risky. We recognise the possibility of failure, but we trust that our efforts will bear fruit. When the outcomes are this important, the risks are worth taking.

We work in the background. You’re in the spotlight. You are the star. We take a supporting role; empowering leaders, equipping the local church and enabling grassroots growth. Your success is our success.

Our profit is not at the expense of your mission. We celebrate you, and your unique mission to your community. We work hard to keep our services accessible to smaller projects because we know that your size doesn’t define your significance.

Premier House
Bradford Road
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United Kingdom