Redfin Recruitment

Redfin Recruitment works as a recruitment partner for select businesses in both the UK domestic and international markets within food, beverage and CPG industries.

We have a healthy disregard for our industry. Too often recruitment businesses take advantage of all types of people because of selfish desires. They promise one thing and do the opposite and the all too regular dog-eat-dog mentality impacts, and hurts, too many people too many times. We believe that just isn't right.

Now imagine a recruitment partner that views all people as having infinite worth. Imagine a recruitment partner that actually takes the time to listen to you, even when there may not be anything in the conversation for them. Imagine a recruitment partner that genuinely cares for you, your career or your business. Imagine a recruitment partner whose sole desire is not your money - seriously!

We're not perfect, nobody is, but we love people and we love what we do. We try our best with our individual and collective passions, talents and skills to serve you as best as we can, so why not come and join us on this adventure? If you are a business looking to add talent to your team and want a dedicated, passionate and ethical recruitment partner why not connect with us to see how we could serve you. If you are a candidate simply seeking some career advice on a next role or want to apply for an open position then let us know and we will see how we can help. If you are a recruiter or have an interest in recruitment but like us have become disenchanted with the recruitment industry, why not reach out and lets explore ways we can assist you. &


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