Liverpool Lighthouse

Our mission is simple: we work together to transform communities. 

The U.K.’s first dedicated Urban gospel music and arts centre, Liverpool Lighthouse works with disaffected groups and contributes to the regeneration of North Liverpool.

In 1998, the UK’s first dedicated Urban gospel and arts centre opens its doors.
It’s aim? Up-skill disaffected groups within the community and contribute to North Liverpool’s regeneration through 3 simple tenets: Engage. Inspire. Improve.

We do this by focusing on three areas;

Reducing Isolation - We help people with language barriers to develop their English skills, so that they can interact with their neighbours, improve chances of employment and feel welcome in our wonderful city.

Developing Skills - We work with groups to help develop language skills, career advice as well as hosting various art, media and dance classes. 

Creating Community Cohesion - We work continuously on new opportunities to help bring our communities together through a range of activities and programmes. Our festivals attract thousands to the area and help the local community to thrive.

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Oakfield Road
L4 0UF
United Kingdom