Windsor Hill Wood

Windsor Hill Wood is a small family based community offering Christian hospitality to people who, for any number of reasons, are finding life difficult.  Some guests suffer from anxiety or depression, others have addiction issues, have experienced trauma, adverse childhood experiences or suffer from attachment problems.  Some just need a space to remove themselves from daily stresses.

WHW is in 10 acres of land. Our Wardens, along with their two sons, live in the family home and host up to five guests, one in the main building, the others in shepherd’s huts, each with its own wood burner. Guests are offered the chance to rediscover peace, silence and acceptance amidst the beauty and simplicity of the woods. We keep pigs, sheep, chickens, and goats. We bake our own bread. We grow our own vegetables and heat the main house and its water using a wood burning biomass boiler.  All of the guests participate in the work and we all take turns to do the various tasks.  We eat together at lunch and evening meals and take it in turns to cook for one another.  Some guests stay for just a few days, others for up to a year. We find that being given responsibility as well as acceptance is often a key part of helping guests to move forward and gain confidence.

As a Christian home offering hospitality, part of the rhythm of life includes the opportunity to pray together twice a day in our small chapel.  People come from all faiths and none and attendance is optional, as it is for our weekly Bible study.

Rock House
Windsor Hill Lane
Shepton Mallet
United Kingdom